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Otovent® Glue Ear Treatment is a convenient and safe treatment when it comes to reducing the symptoms of glue ear without the need for surgery or antibiotics. The method applies pressure to open the Eustachian tube which allows fluid to drain from the middle ear. Otovent® is also suitable for people who suffer from Eustachian tube dysfunction i.e. negative pressure in the middle ear or barotitis. Otovent® is suitable for adults and children from 3 years of age. 

Buy Otovent Glue Ear Treatment

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Otovent® is a surgical balloon which is blown up through the nose. It works best when it is used three times daily (once in the morning, lunchtime or after school, and in the evening) or at least twice each day (in the morning and evening), if three times a day is not feasible. You will need to do this until all the excess fluid has been drained away and should start to see results as early as a few days into using the Otovent® balloon.

*NEW* Recommended by the National Institue for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)

In March 2016 NICE published a Medtech Innovation Briefing report on Otovent®. The report reviews four clinical trials involving a total of 565 children. All trials showed statistically significant improvements in middle ear function with Otovent® compared with standard care. The report further evaluates the Otovent® device and suggests that it could be the first line treatment for glue ear which may eliminate the need for grommet surgery and reduce costs to the NHS by reducing the need for surgical intervention.

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Proven success in clinical studies

The latest clinical trial on 320 children aged 4-11 years has found that children using Otovent® experienced fewer days with any glue ear related symptoms compared to those that didn’t at both one and three months (Williamson et al. 2015).

Benefits of using Otovent® Glue Ear Treatment: 

• Reduces the symptoms of Glue Ear by adraining the fluid from the middle ear
• Improves patient's quality of life 
• Reduces the need for grommet surgery
• Helps prevent hearing and learning impairment caused by Glue Ear
• Natural, non-surgical treatment which helps to treat the symptoms of Glue Ear and Eustachian tube dysfuncion. 

 Download the Otovent® Glue Ear Treatment leaflet.

Otovent® autoinflation treatment is a clinically effective treatment for glue ear designed to reduce the need for medicine and surgery. Otovent® is convenient and increases chances of a shorter recovery time from glue ear. Otovent is also the only clinically effective non-invasive glue ear treatment that can be used during the ‘watchful waiting’ period helping to reduce referral for grommet surgery by 50%.

Otovent® has been available on prescription since 2001 and is recommended by the National Institute for Health and Care excellence as a recommended treatment during the active observation period (also known as 'watchful waiting'). 

Otovent Testimonial

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Otovent is available online, on prescription from your GP and over the counter from your pharmacist.

  • Safe and natural
  • Non-invasive 
  • Clinically effective 


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